Our Team - Nuestro Equipo

Yolanda De la Cruz, Executive Director
Yolanda De la Cruz has years of experience in community development and affordable housing matters. She began her career at  UMass Boston, at the Gaston Institute  where she developed a passion for research about the Latino community, in areas of education, housing, health, trends, etc. She subsequently obtained positions at different CDCs (community development corporations) in Dorchester and the Fenway area where she managed and overlooked affordable housing projects at all different stages of development. After years of passionate service in the construction of affordable housing, she is now very excited to be able to work with community members, and advocate for their participation in the development of their homes.

Isabel Moreta, Community Organizer 
Isabel Moreta has been involved with SBEA since 2012 and on staff since 2014. She first came to SBEA as an ESOL student. Through the class, she became more aware of resources in the community and began to see that she could play a role as a leader. As parent coordinator, Moreta builds relationships with SBEA participants and provides them support to succeed in learning and leadership development. She worked with SBEA members to develop the Entre Amigas program, oversaw its expansion, and runs the weekly sessions. She sees firsthand the difference that emotional supports make in helping people to enroll and succeed in classes, and how students’ success builds confidence that helps them grow as leaders. Moreta is playing a key role in moving the organization toward a holistic set of supports for our leaders as they build their skills and engagement. She is committed to helping individuals create personal change and get involved in the community.

Doug in Alajuela classroomDouglas Tyler, Education Program Coordinator
Douglas Tyler has worked in adult education since 2012, focusing mainly in the area of ESOL. After years of working as a language teacher, and later a Peace Corps Volunteer, in Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, he has gained a deep appreciation of the joy and growth that learning about a new language and culture and getting involved in a community can bring.

Agustin Esnal, Youth Program Coordinator
Agustin Esnal is a resident of South Boston and has been involved in South Boston En Accion since 2009 and is now the youth and civic engagement coordinator and has been working with youth groups since 2011 and is currently a student at Techboston Academy

Lisa Pred-Sosa, Level 2 English Teacher